Since 2006, IMASENS has been conducting sensory and marketing consumer studies, qualitative or quantitative, adapted to each phase of product development, in France and internationally (conducting multi-center studies). IMASENS has developed a network of more than 20 international certified partners (Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom, USA, China, India…).

His expertise applies to many sectors such as cosmetics, perfumery, agri-food, transport, fashion, accessories, toys, stationery, pets, household, health and sport…

Its multidisciplinary team consists of sociologists, statisticians, sensory analysts and researchers with experienced qualitative and quantitative studies who are sensitive to innovative approaches.

IMASENS has a variety of resources (online community, bathrooms, olfactory booths, sensory analysis laboratory…) and is constantly developing new methodologies (implicit measures, design thinking…) in connection with researchers and experts in Human Sciences (ethnologists, ergonomists, etc.) and neuro-sciences.
This constant search for innovation allows IMASENS to be approved for the Crédit Impôt Recherche.


Since 2006, our values and ethics, as a guarantee of our excellence, have been renowned by our customers and our network of professional partners.

PASSION: Projects are carried with passion, our team has the ambition to accompany customers in the creation, innovation and improvement of their products.

INNOVATION: We are developing ever more innovative ways and tools to work.

RESPECT: The studies we carry out are always done with respect for our consumers, our partners and our teams.

ENVIRONNEMENT: We have taken action to reduce our waste and thus limit our impact on the environment.

ENGAGEMENT: Our customers are at the heart of our concerns. We do everything we can to satisfy them.



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international partners

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We are partners of certified databases of consumers, professionals, opinion leaders, early adopter influencers…


We collaborate with many renowned specialists and researchers to decode the behaviors and uses of consumers (psychomotricians, ergonomists, ethnologists, ethologists, anthropologists, sociologists, experts in neuroscience, …

For your tests in France and abroad, we are equipped with a secure online, multilingual and responsive testing platform.

We have a network of partners in France and abroad to carry out qualitative or quantitative multi-center tests.

We have a network of consumer meeting rooms in France and internationally.

We have a sensory analysis laboratory (NF EN ISO 8589).

For the characterization of your products, we have sensory experts trained on the 5 senses.

We have olfactory cabins in controlled conditions (ventilation, temperature) and computerized.

We use specific infrastructures and contextualization methods to collect data representative of real-use conditions (user-experience).

We have a reconditioning room that allows products to be repackaged in accordance with the BPH.