This diagnosis is made in 3 steps


Step 1: evaluation of your packaging / range

•  Impact and visibility in a shelf (via our shelf test tool)

• Product image and brand conveyed (image mapping)

• Attractiveness and understanding of the menions / claims / visuals on pack (hot spot module…)

• Identification of varieties maximizing coverage potential (TURF before tasting)

• Intention to buy priced / not priced (psychological price module …)


Step 2: hedonic and/or descriptive evaluation of your products

• Hedonic test in room or at home

• Identification of the main areas for improvement (Mean Drop, image assessment after tasting…)

• Crossing hedonic data with descriptive data (cata, rata, flash profiles, sensory panels…)


Step 3: cross-referencing pack and product data and cross-functional assessment

• Congruence pack and product: consistency / inconsistencies to be corrected

• Image mapping of your range / brand: strong points / identities and potentialities to develo

• Ideal range: pillar varieties, to be optimized, to be deprioritized