IMASENS is a leading Marketing and Sensory Research Institute specialized in cosmetic consumer and sensory research both in France and internationally. Founded in 2006, IMASENS collaborates with most of cosmetic top brands and is constantly developing tools and its international network to meet the very specific needs of the cosmetics industry.


Indeed, for over 15 years, IMASENS has been developing a network of partners all over the world, particularly in Asia, with major partners in mainland China, mainly based in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.


Following the evolution of cosmetic regulations in China, IMASENS has set up a strong local network allowing its clients of the cosmetic sector to test their products with a very high reliability and at competitive costs.


IMASENS has access to a panel of more than 1,500,000 volunteers – men, women, young adults – presenting various kind of skin and hair types and located in the whole country, in different regions of China.  The size of this panel allows IMASENS to reach very specific targets or to test products from the most widespread to the most niche category.




Product ranges are wide, IMASENS offering home use tests with both men and women, on hair care, skin care (face cream, serum, mask, lotion, …), make-up (for eyes, lips and complexion), sun care and body care.





This partnership between IMASENS and its local partners is very reliable, both parties being able to adapt quickly to the difference between cultures, to the constraints linked to the sanitary context and to the new regulations in force in China as the CSAR regulation.


Besides China, IMASENS has an important network in Asia, creasing more and more, with partnerships in Taïwan, Singapore, Hong-Kong, India, and Japan.