IMASENS is a Marketing and Sensory Research Institute specialized in the fields of Cosmetics and Fragrances. IMASENS is developing mixed sensory and emotional approaches to better explain the sensations perceived by consumers during their product experience. In its research work, IMASENS is increasingly integrating the temporal dynamics of the product experience.

IMASENS’ sensory panel carries out static sensory profiles on make-up products (lipsticks, mascaras, foundations, powders, eyeshadows), face and body care products and hair products.

IMASENS’ expert panel also performs olfactory kinetics of scented products (perfumes, body care and scented hair care) when applying and throughout the day, in terms of intensity and diffusion.

To complete the sensory expertise of cosmetic products, IMASENS offers dynamic evaluations of sensory descriptors like freshness, stickiness, greasiness… that will allow to better understand the sensory experience of consumers.

The TDS method considers the dynamic of the perception after application of the product on the skin, all attributes combined. At a given moment, each expert identifies the dominant attribute that most characterizes the product.

Time Intensity (TI) method considers the dynamic of perception after application of the product on the skin, for a specific attribute, and thus to study changes in the perception of a product attribute over time.